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TZ Designbox, following only called DB-Box, is a milestone of modern cabinet and carcass planning. A big variety of components enable the user to plan individual carcass parts, carcasses, cuttings, parts and whole furniture. Choose from a broad range of preconfigured 3D models and adjust them according to your wishes. Dimensions, colour combinations, various connection types and many hardware solutions are on hand for your planning.
You didn’t find a matching model for you? Then you can use the possibility of 100% individual configuration and ordering with our DB-box configurator. For us it’s obvious that we provide this software free or charge.
Add your room dimensions, decorate your room and plan your furniture to get your ideas into shape. After the completion, you can print the whole configuration including decorations, rooms,… and use it as a support in sales.
Convince your customers with your professionality using our unique planning software.


The catalogue view serves a fast navigation between cuttings, fronts, raw materials, carcasses and furniture.


Planning is made easily with our DB-Box by using the included 3D view and the unlimited construction- and configuration opportunities.

The 3D- and room planner including the 360° views of furniture and rooms can be applied sales supporting with professional presentation.

DB-Box enables a simple planning and calculation of your customized products.